Dear guests, we are really, really happy that you're coming to celebrate with us at our wedding (Not long to go now!). If you bring you, a party mood and your party shoes that will make it a special day that will be an amazing gift for us.

We've been at Helix Gardens for almost 2 years now, so we do already have quite a lot the essentials so if you would like to give something more, there's a couple of specific things that you could buy for us or contribute towards that would be hugely appreciated. After the wedding you should definitely come to Brixton and stay with us so you can see them in use!

To this end we've set up a PayPal account (So it's completely secure) for each of the items that you can use below, we'll keep this page updated to reflect what has already been recieved. If you'd like to use another means to make a gift or if you have any questions then please get in touch at or give us a call on 07968 775 021.

Thank you again for coming, we can't wait to see you!

  • Blinds for our living room and kitchen

    We love the sun streaming in through our windows but it would be nice to occasionally stop it, something we're currently unable to do due to a lack of blinds.

  • A kitchen table

    We got our current table when we first moved in but it's a bit too big and Natasha tends to bang her shins on it a lot, so we'd like to get something that is both more compact and more shin-friendly.

  • A new sofa for our living room

    Dida and Rick very kindly lent us two sofas soon after we moved in. We've replaced one and we'd like to replace the other with something equally as comfy. Come and sit on it after the wedding!

  • Pillows, duvets and sheets

    We would love some new bed linen for our room and for the spare room. We would then love that you come and stay with us to make use of it!

  • A coffee table for our living room

    Our current coffee table, which we got through Freecycle, has been with us since Trinity Gardens and has served us well. Now we'd like something a little bit bigger, so that more of you can put your hot beverages on it when you come over.

  • A rug for our living room

    After the wedding come lie on our new living room rug. Be careful not to knock into the coffee table and spill your hot beverage onto it though.

  • A lamp for the living room and two lampshades for the hallway

    We both love lamps. And lampshades.

  • Shelves for the living room

    We have some gaps in the living room that could use some sturdy shelving to store our collection of board games. Once they're in place, why not come over and play Monopoly Deal, Dominion, Settlers of Catan, or the most exciting of them all, Farming